Hoop Mountain Senior & Junior Elite Prospect Camp

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Hoop Mountain Senior & Junior Elite Prospect Camp

  • Date: 07/10/2023
  • $525.00

Dates: July 10th, 11th and 12th 2023

Price: $525.00 (Early Bird Residential Price) $395.00 (Early Bird Day price 8:30 AM – 9:30PM)

Grades: 4th – 12th

Location: Wheaton College 26 E Main St. Norton MA 02766

Contract/Director: Steve Gibbs- Sgibbshoopmountain@gmail.com (978) 852-5121

-Residential camps with day time option

-Also, can attend point Backcourt + Scoring session

-Hoop Mountain conforms to all the state health guidelines and protocols

Hoop Mountain – Senior and Junior elite prospect camp is two camps in one.  The junior high player (5th – 8th) grade will be participating in the junior elite prospect camp while the high school player (9th– 13th) grade will be participating in the senior elite prospect camp.

Senior Elite Camp

Hoop Mountain Senior Elite Prospect Camp is designed for players entering 9th grade through Post Graduate.  The camp has a perfect blend of instruction, games and college evaluation.  Campers at the senior elite prospect camp are coached by college, prep school and high school coaches.  Hundreds of players have earned scholarships at the senior elite prospect camp throughout the camps.  During our Thirty five-year history, the secret part of the camp is around the personal teaching.  Players are in the gym the entire day receiving instruction from college and prep school coaches, starting with the 6:45 am early bird session to the night owl session at 10:00 pm at night.  The players only leave the athletic center for dining. This is an overnight camp.

This camp is perfect for gym rats that want to level up their game both physically and mentally.  With the help of some of the top coaches in the region players will learn new skills and drills that they can take and master on their own.  Players will compete against other highly motivated athletes looking to test their skills and see how they match up against talent across the globe.  This camp is for passionate basketball players that love being in the gym and having a chance to learn form coaches that have taught many high-level players the game of basketball.


Typical Daily Schedule

7:00 Wake up

7:30 Breakfast

8:00 Optional One on One training

8:30 Attendance and announcements

8:45 An dynamic stretch

9:00 Skills – Mid Range and Long-Range Shooting

9:45 Advanced ball handling

10:30 Canteen

10:45 Team practice

11:00 Camp game

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Optional One on One training

1:00 Attendance and announcements

1:15 Dynamic stretch

1:30 Finishing at the rim

2:15 How to run a fast break

3:00 Canteen

3:15 Film Session

4:00 Game

5:00 Dinner

5:30 One on One optional training

6:00 Attendance and Announcements

6:15 Dynamic Stretch

6:30 Footwork session

7:00 Art of unitizing a ball screen

7:45 Game

9:00 Optional One on One training + free game

9:00 Canteen

10:00 Back to dorms

10:30 Lights out


Junior Elite Camp

The Hoop Mountain Junior Elite Prospect Camp is a high-level instruction camp.  The camp is for players looking for an all-in-one camp to take their basketball game to the next level through games, skill work, film session, and guest lectures.  All players will receive outstanding instruction and play against some of the best competition throughout the region.

The camp provides a no-nonsense environment where players can learn from some of the best teachers in the game.  All coaches at the junior prospect camp are hoop mountain certified ranging from prep school coaches, former professional players, high school, club coaches and college players.  Every staff member shares one common trait; the desire to help our campers meet their potential.

At the Junior prospect camp players are placed in respective leagues depending on their age and talent.  Each league will offer customized coaching and instruction.  Coaches focus on campers mid-Range and long-range shooting ability, finishing at the rim, ball handling techniques, passing, proper cutting and screening, transition moves, offensive and defensive rebounding, man on man and team defense.

The goal of the coaches is to evaluate each of the player on their team strength and weakness.  While during the process of coaching each team member, striving to develop each camper’s weakness and continue to fine tune the camper’s strengths.  Our highly trained coaches plan to push each team member to step outside their comfort zone. If a camper doesn’t want to utilize their off hand to handle the ball in a game, then the coach will challenge the camper to do just that.  We want the campers to experiment his or her limitations and work to become a complete player.  Each day consists of countless hours of individual and team training.  As a residential camp we make it our duty training all day and night, also included in the daily regiment is three highly competitive games.

Features of the Hoop Mountain Junior Elite Prospect Camp

12 Hours of daily basketball training

Film Study

Experience from prep school and high school coaches

Become a superior ball Handler

Enhanced ability to make shots

Strengthen ability to get to the rim

Gain mental Toughness

Compete versus elite players from around the world

How to become an elite defender

Learn how to play without the ball


“After attending the hoop Mountain Junior elite camp my eyes were opened up.  My game was pushed to brand new limits.  My camp coach challenged me to attempt new methods during games which led me to newfound success.  The coach’s mindset was not to accept a ceiling or to put a cap in my achievement at camp.  From the minute I stepped on the court my camp coach was able to get me to levels, I didn’t think I could reach.”

Chad Dezenio,

-Hoop Mountain Jr Elite camper

“As a former Hoop Mountain camper and now camp coach I have a unique perspective on Hoop Mountain.  As a player I competed versus some of the finest players in the region.  Now as a coach at camp I want to convey to my campers the importance of learning one or two new moves to add to their game.  Upon learning the camp my desire is to instill in the player to continually add to their game.”

Mike Sanders,

-Former Jr. Elite Camper and Coach

“I didn’t know what to expect prior to attending camp.  The camp provided me lots of one-on-one training to become an elite player. After being taught skill work my confidence soared when I returned home from the minute, I woke up to the time I went to bed the overall concentration of the camp was focusing on developing my game”

David Johnson

Hoop Mountain Junior Elite Prospect Camper.